Do not buy or rent any home until you know about these 5 truths

. You don’t have to it say out before we know your needs.  

. You definitely want to get a house of your own

. You have heard the preaching’s of many real estate agents that you should become a landlord.

. You have been fed with a lot of news, facts, figures and stories that governs your rent or owning a new home / land.

However, because of the rate of expertise we display, we have been able to identify the basic truths, 5 in number that can actually guide you not to end up in regret.

Care for a ride? 

Lets move 


Many people have different reasons for wanting a new home. Some crave a quiet location, or perhaps they are retirees. Retirees prefer a calm and peaceful environment with a welcoming ambience.

Choosing a neighborhood relative to your own lifestyle is what matters and you should take absolute note of that. 


This also matters in settling for a home.

Are you the type that loves story buildings or bungalow or duplex or a house without stairs at all?

Are you the type that would eventually bring in your grand parents to your house?

Definitely you know you do not need a house with a steep stairwell, except you are ready to buy ankara. Lol


Your lifestyle is unique to just you. And for sanity to be experienced, you need some certain kind of scenes, happenings, behaviors that align with your person.

Find out if the house or the property you want to get is the type that guarantees privacy.

Is it the type that you cant do anything without the prying eyes of people?

Is it the type that is very near to a place in which occurrences disturbs your thinking time?

Or is it close to a place where the noise of mega phones disrupt your sleep everytime?

Your privacy is not secure.. Flee!


You have some requirements that you would need of a building / property or a land that will suit your taste

You are the type that loves serenity, is the house very close to the bus- stops?

You are also of the opinion that natural fresh air does more good to the body.

You are concerned about inhaling heavy or toxic air when you sit outside the building?

As strenuous as these are, taking time to find out about these things give us peace, automatically at the end of the day.


There are some homes /properties you inspect only to find out that the cost of renovating the apartment will cost close to the amount spent on buying or renting the apartment.

You wouldn’t like that, we presume?

Before you allow money to exchange hands for any property, be sure if it needs improvement.

If it aligns with your budget, go for it and if it does not find the next available property.

The above five factors are not all but the major ones you need to always consider before you patronize any real estate agency.

To peace of mind!


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