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The real estate industry is like any other with many idiosyncrasies and jargon specific to the industry, so here I’ve put together some of the common abbreviations you will often see in advertising and promotions of properties. I hope this will give you a better understanding of what it all means. (Note; capitalized letters are inconsistent)

3 Bed 1 Bath – A home with three bedrooms and one bathroom

3/4 Bath – Toilet with sink & either a shower or bath

AC – Acres (an imperial land area measurement) A/C – Air conditioning (& ‘C/A’ or ‘CAC’ is central air conditioning) Adj – Adjacent Adv – Advance AEK – All-electric kitchen Alc – Alcove Amen amenities Appls – Appliances Apt – Apartment Appt – Appointment Apprx – Approximately Assmt – Assessment Att Gar – Attached garage Att Crpt – Attached carport Ava – Available BA – Bath B/A – Building Approval Balc – Balcony Bd or br – Bedroom Bics – Built-in-cupboards BIR – Built in wardrobe

Blt – Built-in

B/I/DW – Built-in dishwasher

Brk – Brick

BT – Brick with tiled roof    

BV – Brick veneer          

Bsmt – Basement

Cath Ceil – Cathedral Ceiling

CBD – Central business district

Cfan or c-fan – Ceiling fan

Cl – Close

Cnr – Corner

Col – Colonial

Cond – Condition

Cons – Conveniences

Cont – Contemporary

Cpds – Cupboards

Cple – Couple

Cpt – Carport

Crk – Creek

Crpt – Carpet

CSD – Cavity sliding door

Dbl – Double Dbr – Double bedroom Dep – Deposit Det – Detached DF – Double fronted

D/h – Ducted heating Di – Dining area Din or dr – Dining room

Dist – Distance

DIY – Do it yourself

DTE – Down to earth

D/W – Dish washer

Elec – Electricity

Elf – Electric light fittings

Elv – Elevator

Encl – Enclosed

Ens – Ensuite

Ent – Entry or Entrance

Est – Established

Exc – Excellent Exec – Executive

Exp – Expenses

Exr – Exercise room

Ext – External

Facs – Facilities

Fam – Family

Fdr – Formal dining room

Ffbr – First floor bedroom

Fib – Fibro cement

Feat – Feature (as in feat a patio)

Fncd yrd – Fenced Yard

Fin w/o – Finished walkout

Flr – Floor

FOWS/D – Face of wall sliding door

FP or Fplc – Fireplace

Frnt prch – Front Porch

FROG – Finished room over garage

FSBO – For sale by owner

Ftgs or ftts – Fittings

FB – Full bathroom (toilet, vanity, bath & shower)

FR – Family Room

F tld – Fully Tiled

The list is endless. The trick is to simply look at the way it is written and try to see if any word related to real estate comes to mind…

Have you ever come across any word as an abbreviation and you were lost for the real meanings? Share below.



Unlike before, the awareness real estate has made so far is fast spreading unlike centuries ago. That said, many are now of the opinion too that having a property is a right thing to do.

Almost everyone now knows the value of having a land very early enough… I know your next worry now is, “how do I get a land?” Well, I have your answer but before you go ahead to get that land, you need to be fully aware of the documents you must have when buying a land. The difference between a smart person and someone who isn’t is simply how informed they are. You won’t want to be embarrassed for having not the necessary documents handy when the forces in charge come asking.

For you to avoid that, it is important you have the following documents:
i. Approved survey plan:This is an important title document that helps to reveal the true ownership status in any land and landed properties transactions. It also helps to reveal if such land is not under any government acquired or committed lands/area.
ii. Approved layout
iii.Deed of assignment: This is a very important document that must be demanded and given to a purchaser after the conclusion of any land/property transaction between such purchaser/buyer and the owner/seller of the land/landed property in question. Section 2(v) of the Conveyancing Act 1881 provides the definition of conveyance as follows: “A conveyance includes any assignment, appointment, lease, settlement and other assurances and covenants to surrender made by deed of sale, mortgage, demise or settlement of any property or on any other dealing with or for any property; and convey, unless a contrary intention appears, has a meaning corresponding with that of conveyance”.
iv. Purchase receipt: this is the evidence of due payment of the purchase of the land and it is usually required when registering the land.
v. Certificate of Occupancy: this is one of the most important land title documents that is used to certify the legal ownership status of any land in Nigeria irrespective of its usage. It is usually delivered to the owner of a parcel of land by the government attesting to the owner’s interest to the land where such interest is in accordance with the applicable laws. It is a legal document indicating that a person who has acquired an interest in land has been granted a statutory right of occupancy by the governor vi. Power of attorney: this is usually required where a person is acting for another person, individuals or companies as his agent. It is a document that authorizes such person to act on their behalf.

These documents are essential as they are necessary to process a search in the land registry, the registration of title, registration of Deeds, as well as registration of Certificate of Occupancy. It is equally important to note the LEGAL CONSEQUENCES OF REGISTRATION OF LAND IN NIGERIA which is essentially three:
Non-registration may (i) render certain documents void, (ii) render them inadmissible as evidence in judicial proceedings, and (iii) make them lose priority against registered ones affecting the same land.
It must, of course, be noted that registration does not by itself cure the instrument( legal document) registered of any defect, nor does it confer upon it any effect or validity which the instrument, apart from the registration, would not otherwise have had.
One way to prove ownership of a land is via the documents presented; don’t be caught unaware whilst losing your land to someone else; be informed today!


5 tips to land buying

  • Be clear about why you are buying the land.
  • Get acquainted with the different types of land on the market.
  • Take out time to do a market research.
  • Shop around.
  • Pay particular attention to areas with growth potential.